Chora’s three models have a sleek, distinctive design

Chora is Focal’s newest range of loudspeakers, boasting home interior-friendly design and three modern colour finishes: Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood.

Focal has pushed the boundaries of innovation by developing speaker drivers equipped with an exclusive new cone: the Slatefiber cone, with its slate effect, manufactured in Focal’s workshops using a newly-acquired high-performance industrial tool. The Slatefiber technology (thermoplastic polymer with non-woven recycled carbon fibres) achieves even greater damping, rigidity and lightness. Alongside this new cone, our TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter is the perfect response to the demand for silky treble.

The Chora range includes these three models:

  • CHORA 806 compact and on-trend bookshelf loudspeaker
  • CHORA 816 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker, ideal for Home Cinema use
  • CHORA 826 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, the gold standard of the Chora range.

AVAILABLE in New Zealand from October.

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